IO1 - Model for LS4VET

The first product of the project (Intellectual Outcome 1) is a theoretical model of Lesson Study for the special context of VET. The LS4VET model was developed through professional collaboration between the partners, based on comprehensive needs-analysis and data collection:

  • survey of the prior and current application of the method of LS in VET and in general and specifically in the partner countries and by the partner organisations;

  • comparative analysis of the special VET-specific national (VET system), organisational (VET school) and individual (teacher) level factors that might be relevant to the adaptation of LS to VET, based on interviews with teachers and leaders in the partner VET schools;

  • survey of the needs of the teachers in the partner VET schools in relation with the application of LS in VET and education quality improvement.

Findings and suggestions from the needs-analysis and research about adaptation of S to the VET context were translated into objectives which influence each other constantly during implementing, carrying out and evaluating Lesson Study for VET:

  1. Developing adaptive teachers through inquiry – involves the competence of teachers to deal with unexpected and novel situations. The inquiry component should feature in all stages of the teacher education continuum. We see this as the foundation and starting point for engaging teachers in Lesson Study.

  2. Cross boundary collaboration and learning - involves all stakeholders (students, teachers, Lesson Study facilitators, knowledgeable others, industry-based practitioners). We believe that teachers could learn a lot from their workplace in the industry and by observing each other’s practices, therefore we suggest that LS4VET teams should always include one or more VET teacher(s) from industry- and/or practice-based subjects.

  3. Sustainability - the ultimate aim of the LS4VET model should be that Lesson Study becomes a sustainable process within the institution and possibly beyond. Lesson Study in VET should include aspects of how this sustainability may be attained among participants and actors.