IO1 - Model for LS4VET

The final product of IO1 is the LS4VET Model - a theoretical model of adapting Lesson Study, a method of teacher professional development and education quality improvement, to the special context of vocational education and training (VET). The development was based on the preliminary needs assessment, and the collection and analysis of further data about the system-level, institutional and individual conditions of applying LS in VET. 

Analysing LS experiences focusing on VET 

An analysis summarizing the characteristics and experiences of prior and current application of the method of Lesson Study in VET in general, as well as in the participating countries and by the partners was prepared.

Identifying relevant VET-specific factors

Through conducting interviews with school and teacher leaders and teachers in the four partner VET schools, individual and organisational level factors relevant to the application of LS in the national VET context were identified. Topics included current forms and nature of teacher collaboration, time and spatial aspects and affordances of teachers’ work, and possible risks related to piloting LS.

Identifying needs for pedagogical change

Through an online survey of the teachers working in the four participating VET schools, needs for pedagogical and methodological improvement, teachers’ familiarity with learner-centred, active, digital and other 21th-century teaching methods, and their current engagement in teacher collaboration activities were identified.

The IO1 Newsletter provides a summary of the activities and outcomes of this first year of the project.