Lesson Study

Rapidly changing skills needs, transforming jobs and the increasingly challenging task of motivating and educating students often with accumulated experiences of school failure and poor basic competences require us to rethink teaching and learning in VET. The Cedefop research study "Vocational pedagogies and benefits for learners: practices and challenges in Europe (2015) examined the role played by learning outcomes approaches in pedagogical change in initial VET in 15 EU Member States, including three of our LS4VET partner countries: Hungary, Malta and the Netherlands. It has found that though pedagogical change is often advocated, it has not or not successfully been implemented. To ensure effective,high quality VET, teachers/trainers need to continuously improve not only their vocation-specific competences, but also their pedagogical-methodological skills. Therefore, there is a strong need to introduce effective and sustainable forms of their continuous professional development also in this regard.

Increasing evidence shows that schools where teachers work collaboratively and develop a high level of “professional capital” outperform those where teachers work in isolation.

Teacher communities of practice are the natural and primary venue of teacher learning, however, they enhance teacher professional development most if they are based on deep professional collaboration. Teacher collaboration plays a vital role in various elements of teachers’ work and has been found to have a positive impact on teaching quality and student performance. An effective model of teacher professional development based on deep teacher collaboration and focusing on the improvement of student learning through improving teachers’ methodological skills is Lesson Study (LS).


Teachers’ Collaboration through Lesson Study
for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training

       Acronym: LS4VET
       Project ID: 2020-1-HU01-KA202-078848
       Program: Erasmus+ KA2
       Project Type: Strategic Partnership
       Target group: Teachers and trainers working in VET schools
       Secondary target group: Teacher educators and student teachers
       Beneficiaries: VET students
​​​​​​​       Participant countries: Austria, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands
       Project start: 1 September 2020
       Project end: 31 August 2023

Latest Events

Budapest Partner Meeting 2-3 June 2023

On the first day of the last partner meeting of the project, the project partners participated as speakers and world

LS4VET Final Conference

The final conference of the Erasmus+ international project Lesson Study for VET - Teachers' Collaboration for Improvi

Presenting the LS4VET project at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Vocational Education and Training Research Group workshop

The LS4VET project and its results were presented by the project leader and coordinator, Prof. Dr.