The LS4VET Storyboard and Toolkit

The LS4VET Storyboard and Toolkit developed in this IO will guide the piloting of the adaptation of Lesson Study for VET (LS4VET) in the partner VET schools. They will be developed by the expert partners, based on the available literature about LS and the Model for LS4VET, and will be finalised based on the outcome of the piloting of LS4VET by the VET school partners.

LS4VET Storyboard

LS4VET Toolkit

This Toolkit was prepared by the LS4VET partnership with the objective to assist VET teachers to carry out a Lesson Study in their own school and to work towards its institutional embedding and sustainability. The Toolkit consists of three parts:

  • A Guide for Facilitating Lesson Study 
  • Templates to assist VET teachers to carry out a Lesson Study, related to the goals and tasks of  each LS step
  • Templates for working towards the institutional embedding of LS4VET

The Guide and the templates were developed as an integrated part of the LS4VET teacher professional development course, but they can be freely used by (VET) teachers doing Lesson Study.

I. Guide for Facilitating Lesson Study in VET

II. Templates for carrying out a Lesson Study in VET

Steps and goals in the Lesson Study cycle


Step 1 – Organise the team, set the goal

Form the team and discuss protocols for collaboration


ALTERNATIVE  FOR STEPS 1 AND 2: LS4VET_template_Step1_2_Team_Plan


Explore, share and discuss ideas for the research lesson


Set the research lesson goal/s


Step 2 – Study alone and together

Identify and study relevant literature and resources


Consult with knowledgeable other/s and students

Outline the goal/s of the Lesson Study


Finalise Lesson Study design with a timeline of all Lesson Study activities and including roles and responsibilities


Step 3 – Plan teaching unit

Plan a lesson focusing on the identified goal/s


Come up with a detailed lesson study research lesson plan

LS4VET_template_8_LSRL plan

Come up with observation and interview schedules



Step 4 – Research lesson: teach and observe

Teach the research lesson

LS4VET_template_8_LSRL plan

Collect data about student learning during and immediately after the lesson



Step 5 – Analyse and discuss

Analyse data collected from students and observers


Discuss collected data in a post-lesson discussion


Step 6 – Repeat: Revise, improve, teach, observe, analyse & discuss teaching unit

Refine the research lesson in an iterative way based on observations, interviews, analysis and discussions

LS4VET_template_8_LSRL plan





Seek new knowledge about student learning through improved learning outcomes

Step 7 – Reflect and disseminate

Reflect upon the Lesson Study experience and the learning generated as a result



Disseminate the learning with other colleagues within the VET school community and beyond


II. Templates for working towards the institutional embedding and sustainability of LS4VET

Prepare a SWOT analysis of the institutional conditions of LS4VET in your school LS4VET_template_15_SWOT_analysis

Prepare a strategy for introducing and maintaining LS4VET in your school